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It's all about quality estimating in todays construction market.
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Welcome, John Stanulis I am an electrical estimator working the evening shift along with weekends to complete electrical estimates on various projects across the us. I take a detailed approach to each job studying all bid documents,specs,
drawings,notes,addendums asking questions getting clarfication. I use a computer based estimating system 
with monthly material data base updates. Once I get it put together I send it out emailed to your inbox ready for review.
Please if you would like to send me a project my address is listed below. Be glad to help out.

John Stanulis                                                           Phone 217-953-0530                                      
50 Golf RD                                                                Fax       217-698-2834
Springfield, IL 62704-3140                                    email   mailto:usestimator@aol.com
Background electrician ibew and estimator project engineer Fischbach and Moore history.
Price structure for estimate are either in a flat or hourly rate. Drawings files can be emailed.
Union craft projects are requested N/A to engineering budget estimates or GC numbers.

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